Reading of Qalun from Nafi by Ali Al-Hudhaifi
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Reading of Qalun from Nafi by Ali Al-Hudhaifi

Reading of Al-Mushaf Al-Murattal of Qalun from Nafi by Sheikh Ali Al-Hudhaifi

Brief About Sheikh Ali Al-Hudhaifi

Sheikh Ali Al-Hudhaifi

Sheikh Ali Al-Hudhaifi

Ali bin Abudr-Rahman bin Ali bin Ahmad Al-Hudhaifi in 1366 Hijri in Al-Awamer, Saudi Arabia. His father was a member of the Saudi Army.

In 1381 Hijri, Al-Hudhaifi entered the Salafi School of Baljarchi and then enrolled in the Scientific Institute at the same time in 1383. After graduating in 1388, Al-Hudhaifi entered the Shari`ahs Faculty of Riyadh.Later, he was hired as teacher at the Scientific Institute of Baljarchi. Among the subjects he taught Tafsir, Tawhid, Nahw, Sarf, and khat. In parallel, he was leading prayers and giving lectures in the High Baljarchi Mosque.

Since 1397, Al-Hudhaifi worked in the Islamic University where he gave lectures in Tawhid and Fiqh at the Faculty of Shari`ah.

Al-Hudhaifi was the imam of eminent Mosques of Saudi Arabia such as Qiba’ Mosque and the Prophet’s Mosque in 1399. During Ramadan of 1401 he moved to the Grand Mosque of Jeddah and then went back to Medina, to the Prophet’s Mosque.

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